Africa Untamed Wilderness Adventures

Laikipia covers 10,000 sq km and forms the core of the wider 56,000 sq km Ewaso ecosystem. Known as Kenya’s high country, Laikipia’s vast plains stretch from the slopes of Mount Kenya to the rim of the Great Rift Valley and the edge of Kenya's northern rangelands. Its exclusive nature and outstanding quality of lodges, the remarkable integrity of the ecosystem with its immense wildlife populations, and the diversity of large mammals than anywhere else in Kenya, Laikipia is without doubt Kenya's premier safari destination and its wildlife rank second to the internationally renowned Maasai Mara ecosystem.

The Ewaso ecosystem is home to Kenya’s second-largest population of elephant and the country’s highest population of endangered species. Laikipia/Ewaso ecosystem supports 8 protected rhino sanctuaries with more than half of Kenya’s black rhino population, is a haven for Grevy’s zebra(70% of the world’s population, reticulated giraffe, and Kenya’s only viable population of Lelwel hartebeest, as well as Africa’s only expanding population of wild dog and large numbers of other large predators. Laikipia’s diversity is unique; yet, remarkably, it is not protected area and its wildlife is sustained entirely by private and communal land owners.

There are over 40 tourism operators active in Laikipia, ranging from small lodges and tented camps to ranch houses and adventure based operators specialising in walking, camel and horse safaris. Typically Laikipia’s tourism facilities are low impact (just 14 beds), high value and highly creative. Together, they offer over 50 different wilderness-based activities.