Africa Untamed Wilderness Adventures

  • Altitude 3,100ft
  • Area 325sq.kms
  • Distance from Arusha 130kms
  • Established in 1960

Major attractions: Tree climbing Lions, elephants, birds, groundwater forest, hot springs and rift wall.

Lying in a shallow depression at the base of the western wall of the eastern arm of the Rift Valley, Lake Manyara spreads out in a heat haze backed by a narrow band of ground water forest and the sheer red and brown cliffs of the escarpment. The park's name is derived from the Maasai word the Euphorbia Tirucalli, a bush which they grow as a living stockade to keep their cattle from straying.

Baboons, bushbuck, waterbuck, aardvark, civet, pangolin, and leopard live in the ground water forest, and the few remaining black rhino can be seen here. Many of the park's 380 species of birds live in and around the Hippo Pool. In the acacia woodlands, browsers and grazers feed and elephant, giraffe, impala and zebra are easily spotted. In the heat of the day entire prides of lion can be seen stretched out in the branches of the acacias.

Around its shores a diverse collection of waterbirds gathers in the shade of the yellow-barked acacia to wash the soda from their feathers. There are also hot springs in the south of the park.